The Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy (AJELP) is an interdisciplinary online publication that examines environmental issues from legal, scientific, economic, and public policy perspectives. Our student-run journal publishes articles on a rolling basis with the intention of providing timely legal and policy updates of interest to the environmental community. We believe that the form of an article or written work should follow the author’s research, thinking, and style, and our editorial staff strives to help authors refine their work and make it accessible to our broad and growing reader base.


       The journal’s author-friendly publication policy requires shorter copywork periods, which allows them to spend more time researching environmental topics that interest them. They also get a chance to interact with students and professors from the University’s many acclaimed environmental programs. The journal has adopted a member publication policy that gives preference to publish substantial papers that members write on environmental topics. All of this happens out of Rountree Hall, a unique work space that is just feet from the law school but miles from the stressful atmosphere.




AJELP Editorial Board (2019-2020)

Laura Stump Kennedy - Editor-in-Chief     

Summer Aubrey- Senior Note Editor 

Martie Simmons - Senior Online Editor 

Qiang Hu - Articles Editor

Katrina Duran - Executive Editor 

   Kylie Allen - Senior Articles Editor             

  Sam Carroll - Note Editor 

John Kennedy - Managing Editor   

 John Nachazel- Senior Managing Editor

  Arielle Devorah - Marketing Manager   

3L/AJD Editors:

Yuzhuo Li

Richard Wang

Karen Donderewicz

2L Editors:

Pamela Rioles

Claire Maguire 


Luke Erickson 

Nicholas BIllings 

Ben Champion 

Braelen Barnett 

DaNikka Huss 

Joy Parker 

Melinda Bonson 

Miguel Moreno 

Katrina Wilkinson 

Kevin Godfrey 

Sarah Sanders 

Josh Hilliard 

Christina Poletti 

Undergraduate Editors:

Sterling Stokes

Andrew Vandermillen

Melina Westerlind

Robin Willis

Matthew Salmon

Malorie Casper

Brandon Naegle

Graduate Associate Editors:

Vi Ramasinni

Kenny Kim 

Benefits of Joining

AJELP provides unique opportunities

  • Get published as a 2L!

  • Focus on environmental law and policy topics.

  • Interact with students with similar interests.

  • Meet faculty and other lawyers engaged in environmental law and policy.

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