Archive for Vol. 6 No. 1 (Fall 2015)

Design of an International Trade Law Compliant Carbon Border Tax Adjustment

Ross Astoria*, JD/PhD  View PDF           Many scholars have analyzed whether a border tax adjustment (BTA) on carbon would comply with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). None, however, have presented the details of such a BTA. This paper consolidates the treaty arguments upon the design features of a border tax adjustment which […]

Climate Change Displacement and Forced Migration: An International Crisis

 Julia Toscano* View PDF In late summer and early fall of 2015, news of the plight of thousands of mid-Eastern refugees fleeing to Europe filled the mainstream media.  The world watched in horror as these media outlets made daily reports on the suffering of migrants, from stories of people suffocating in the back of smugglers’ […]

The National Ambient Air Quality Standards for Ozone

Arnold W. Reitze, Jr* View PDF Version For the past 45 years, the EPA has set uniform national ambient air quality standards for common pollutants pursuant to the mandate of the Clean Air Act. The pollutant that has been the most difficult to control is ozone. Much of the nation’s population lives in areas that […]

The Whole Home Approach: Spurring Home Energy Efficiency Through A Renewable And Transferable Property Tax Incentive

  Erik Smith* View PDF Version A green, energy efficient residence is ideal for many current and future homebuyers, as homeowners have become increasingly aware of their current environmental footprint[1] and the potential financial savings associated with an energy efficient home.  Unfortunately, a green home can also be an expensive home.  Alternative energy sources, along […]