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Stewart Udall: Renaissance Man

The sheer volume of historical copy occasioned by the passing of our friend and mentor Stewart L. Udall would, at this hour, leave little to be said about even the most accomplished man. And yet, in the case of this unique figure, there seems always to be more to say. For Stew, as younger brother Mo Udall called him, was a true Renaissance man whose contributions reached into every corner of American life.

Davis v. Agua Sierra Resources: Bringing Some Clarity to Groundwater Rights in Arizona

Robert G. Schaffer* INTRODUCTION For the better part of a century, the Arizona Supreme Court played a dominant role in shaping Arizona’s approach to groundwater. From the adoption of the first territorial water code in 1864 to the enactment of the Groundwater Management Act (“GMA”) in 1980, the Arizona legislature was content to remain largely […]

Alaska Tribes’ Melting Subsistence Rights

By Elizabeth Barrett Ristroph* Introduction[1] Subsistence foods are distinct from those that line grocery stores’ shelves throughout the United States. Mother Nature offers no guarantee that a particular kind of food will be available on demand. The Food and Drug Administration does not provide quality assurance.[2] To procure, protect, and store subsistence foods throughout the […]

Solar Energy’s Cloudy Future

 By Robert Glennon* and Andrew M. Reeves ** Abstract With governments and environmental groups both clamoring for clean alternatives to fossil fuels, the future of solar energy looks bright. To date, however, solar power produces less than one percent of the U.S.’s electricity needs and, despite unprecedented subsidies since the 2009 passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment […]


On behalf of the founding board members, I would like to thank and acknowledge the amazing individuals who helped make the founding of this journal and this inaugural issue possible. We are forever indebted to you for your support and guidance. Spencer G. Scharff Founder and Editor-in-Chief, emeritus ESSENTIAL ADVISORS Robert Glennon, Kirsten Engel, David […]