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A Decade of Destruction under the Real ID Act

A Decade of Destruction under the Real ID Act By Krista Schlyer   Eleven years ago, the Real ID Act became law. Environmental damage isn’t what most people think of when they consider the outcomes of Real ID, but an obscure provision tucked away in section 102 of the law has forever scarred the wildlife […]

New AJELP Board Selected

    Editorial Board 2016-2017 Editor-in-Chief Andrew Shepherd Senior Note Editor Erika Johnsen Executive Editor Nicholas Alsaka Senior Articles Editor William Jenney Articles Editor Brendan Lenihan Note Editor Benjamin Hawkins Comment Editor Hayley Weigold Marketing Manager Nicholas Alsaka Senior Online Editor Christopher Lloyd Senior Managing Editor Brian Bona

New AJELP Members Selected

Congratulations to the new members of the The Arizona Journal of Environmental Law and Policy: Timothy Butterfield Joel Fornara Megan Herbert Maria Hubbard Kevin Kristick Andrea Logue Ian McCloskey Sara Ryan Richard Simmons Erik Smith Logan Taylor Elizabeth Thuenen Jun Zhao Jingyuan Zhou Qiying Zhu Niel Zientek  We are thrilled to have you join our publication. […]