The Arizona Journal of Environmental Law & Policy

Vol. 7 (Symposium)


    Panel Transcript: Good Samaritan Proposals

    Good Samaritan Proposals
    Moderator: Kirsten Engel[1]
    Panelists: Steve Moyer[2], Josh Hoffman[3], Andrew Vecera[4], James Hopkins[5]
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    Kirsten: Good afternoon, I am Kirsten Engel, a faculty member at …


      Panel Transcript: Brownfields Redevelopment

      Brownfields Redevelopment
      Moderator: Cassie Boggs
      Panelists: Carolyn McIntosh[1] and Allen Reilly[2]
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      Mr. Rielly PowerPoint Handout
      Ms. McIntosh PowerPoint Handout
      Cassie: I am the general counsel of Resource Capital …


        Panel Transcript: The “State of Affairs”

        The “State of Affairs,”
        Moderator: Victoria Peacey
        Panelists: Luke Danielson* and Erhardt Werth#
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        Mr. Werth PowerPoint Handout (PDF)
        Mr. Danielson PowerPoint Handout (PDF)
        Luke Danielson – “40 …


          Introduction to Symposium

          Mining Law Summit, 2016
          Exploring Collaborative Solutions to Mined Land Remediation
          The University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law
          September 16, 2016
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          Introduction and Welcoming …

          Vol. 7 (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017)