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Federalist Society Panel
Environmental Law: The Role of Congress in Environmental Law

[1] View PDF Moderator:  Hon. Steven M. Colloton[2] Speakers: Prof. David Schoenbrod[3] Prof. Eric R. Claeys[4] Matt Leggett[5] Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson[6] JUDGE STEVEN M. COLLOTON:  Thank you for joining us for this morning’s panel.  I’ve been asked to moderate.  I’m Steve Colloton, Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, with […]

Design of an International Trade Law Compliant Carbon Border Tax Adjustment

Ross Astoria*, JD/PhD  View PDF           Many scholars have analyzed whether a border tax adjustment (BTA) on carbon would comply with the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). None, however, have presented the details of such a BTA. This paper consolidates the treaty arguments upon the design features of a border tax adjustment which […]

The Whole Home Approach: Spurring Home Energy Efficiency Through A Renewable And Transferable Property Tax Incentive

  Erik Smith* View PDF Version A green, energy efficient residence is ideal for many current and future homebuyers, as homeowners have become increasingly aware of their current environmental footprint[1] and the potential financial savings associated with an energy efficient home.  Unfortunately, a green home can also be an expensive home.  Alternative energy sources, along […]

Environmental Tax Policy in the United States: A “Bit” of History

By Mona L. Hymel – If environmental tax policy addresses the development of new energy sources—“environmentally friendly” energy—this Article analyzes the “non‑environmental” tax history of our old energy sources, primarily oil and gas (not “environmentally friendly”). Through a historical analysis of federal tax incentives and subsidies used to build the existing energy industry, the Article demonstrates that the United States must provide significant investment incentives in renewable and alternative energy technology if we hope to achieve a sustainable society.